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The TG7000 packs innovation and power for large land clearing projects and organic/wood waste processing applications.  It processes through wood waste quickly with the exclusive Vermeer duplex drum to minimize maintenance, a PT tech wet clutch with microprocessor to automatically limit torque when necessary, and a patented cutting system outfitted with 10 hammers and 20 double-bolt cutter blocks.

  • Tech Wet Clutch
  • Climate Control Cab Option

Optional climate-controlled cab and grapple loader makes the TG7000 a one-man operation to help reduce labour costs and increase job site efficiency.

  • Optional Damage Defense System - Optional Damage Defense system helps protect the machine against certain metal contaminants entering the mill.
  • 875 or 950 hp C27 Tier 4 Final Caterpillar engine options - The twin turbo charged, electronically fuel injected engine provides maximum horsepower with exceptional fuel economy. Extra large cooling system allows the TG7000 to work longer in dirty conditions. A high capacity radiator allows the machine to work in tough conditions with reduced risk of over heating. The reliable, durable engine is backed by a Caterpillar worldwide service network.
  • 92 Degree Tub Tilt - Tub tilt allows for easier clean out, changing of screens, and servicing and maintenance of hammermill area, reducing maintenance time in the field. While tilted over 90 degrees, the tub can be rotated for easy clean out. For safer maintenance, the standard tub tilt interlock prevents the tub table from being lifted until the hammermill has stopped rotating and the tub lift cylinder with integral lock valve, keeps the tub table positioned when raised for increased safety. The tub design tilts high above the material pile adding in the clean up process around the machine and minimising the chances of material falling out of tub and onto fenders.
  • Cab Controls - Full operation of the loader knuckle boom, loader swing, clam open/close and rotate are all located at the joysticks as well as tub rotation controls via push button on right joystick. Once the machine is started at the control panel at ground location and discharge conveyor is unfolded for operation, machine functions such as clutch engagement, conveyor raise/lower, tub rotate, tub cover open/close, throttle, engine stop, front stabiliser raise/lower, are accessible from the cab.
  • Cab door interlock safety switch - Cab door must be closed and secure before loader boom and rotation is operational providing a safe area for operator in cab from flying debris.
  • Control Panel - The control panel provides a digital readout for the microprocessor and the CAT engine giving the operator real time performance information. The control panel also provides full instrumentation and diagnostic ports for monitoring systems and troubleshooting. The control panel is located under protective Falling Object Canopy, that helps protect operator from falling debris while standing at the control panel.
  • Hammermill Box - Open mill box design mounted at rear of tub. Screens are supported by integral ribs for less restriction. Mill box is removable or replaceable.
  • Joystick activate button and loader stabilisers - Enables controls to the joysticks and automatically lowers the loader stabiliser cylinders. If the joystick activate button is pressed or cab door is opened during operation, the joystick controls are non-operational and loader stabilisers are automatically raised.
  • Optional Loader - Less operator fatigue as cab rotates with loader knuckle boom providing clear line of sight as knuckle boom is in straight line view of operator. 370 degrees of rotation allows for increased work area around sides and front of machine to stage material for processing. Approximate eye level in cab is 17.5 ft to provide clear visibility of material being processed in the tub.
  • PT Tech Wet Clutch - Gear reduction clutch offers high productivity with a balance of increased torque to the mill. The clutch is designed to handle up to 1000 HP. The clutch runs in oil to stay cooler and lengthen its life. Clutch engagement is maintained by oil pressure eliminating the need for clutch adjustment. This wet clutch results in high efficiency due to limited slippage. Comes with a 2 yr or 2000 hr manufacturer's warranty.
  • Remote Control Transceiver - The remote control provides one-person operation, reducing labour costs. The remote control enables the operator to control the machine from a safe distance or from the cab or loader. It features an engine stop button that allows the user to shut the engine down quickly. The LCD screen allows operators to view various engine information and machine parameters. It also controls tub manual/auto rotation, tub speed, tub forward/reverse, engine speed, clutch, tub cover position, and fan forward/reverse.
  • Series III hard faced duplex drum - A 31" (71cm) cutter tip diameter and 66" long mill cuts from tub wall to past the centre of the 10' (3m) tub. This patented design is intended to decrease daily maintenance.
  • Thrown Object Restraint System (TORS) - The patented conical TORS has a smooth underside for increased life and better material flow while reducing the quantity and distance of thrown objects.
  • Tub - Tub is 13' (3.9 m) diameter at the top. 10' (3 m) inside diameter at the base, and 56.3" (140 cm) deep to allow loading of large amounts of material and reduced bridging. Bottom of tub flares out, allowing the hammermill to cut under the vertical wall of the tub, reducing bridging and allowing steady feeding of material. This highly effective placement of the mill reduces the amount of material build up causing excess wear on the table and tub. The high rotor exposure of 8" (20.3 cm) means more aggressive hammermill cuts to help provide continuous grinding and a high rate of production. Four 6" (15.2 cm) tub wall agitators move material to help reduce bridging and increase production. Tub rotation is driven by two low speed, high torque, hydraulic motors and positive chain drive for greater durability. Vertical tub walls are 1/4" (.64 cm) thick T1 steel. The tub floor is 1/2" (1.27 cm) thick T-1 steel.
  • Undermill Conveyor - The continuous flow conveyor system is designed to handle more production with less clogging opportunities. Discharge height capability of 17 feet. Using this single belt design, eliminates the typical transition area between the load-out belt and under mill conveyor.
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