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The right size mixing system is key for drilling operations, and the new MX300 mixing system can help you achieve maximum productivity. With the option to arrange your setup to meet the job site needs, this mixing system can be configured by mounting the tank in a variety of positions related to the power unit. A single or dual tank can be paired with just one power unit, allowing for the option of more drilling fluid onsite.

The narrow rectangular tank design can help maximise fluid volume and can be mounted for convenient transport and storage. Serviceability is efficient, with convenient access to the roll jets through the top of the tank. Drain your MX300 with two drainage points, activated with the opening of two easily accessible valves.

With a suction hose and a wide-mouth hopper, inject your drilling additives into the system to create your right mix. The 350 GPM (1324.9 Lpm) pump flow efficiently mixes high volumes of fluid for a variety of bores – from smaller shots to large-diameter and longer-distance horizontal directional drill applications in varying soil types. The MX300 mixing system pairs well with a variety of drills and is made to mix!

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  • Convenient configuration - Customise your mix system depending on the job site needs. Mix more drilling fluid on the job site and decrease your time spent refilling by configuring up to two MX300 tanks with the same MX300 power unit.
  • Slim fit - A smaller footprint allows for more convenient transportation and storage of the mix system and is designed to fit up to two tanks together inside a standard-sized enclosed truck.  
  • Fill up or drain out - Daily tasks such as filling and draining are convenient so you can efficiently prepare your tank for the job.
  • Maintain your machine - Maintain machine performance and upkeep with a better way to access necessary components.
  • Clean mix - The hose and hopper design help with more convenient pouring of additives, and the tapered tank can help drainage and reduce buildup.
  • Fuel your job - Spend less time refilling your fuel tank and more time getting the job done with the large fuel tank. 
  • Powerful performance - Powerful performance to the job helps you efficiently mix the fluids you need.
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