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With a 20.5 hp (15.3 kW) Kohler engine, the RTX200 is rated at a maximum digging depth of 36” (91 cm) and widths up to 6” (15 cm). The exclusive VZ steering on the RTX200 has enhanced features providing additional leverage when operating on uneven or difficult terrain. The tandem effort of its heavy-duty hydraulic oil cooler and large reservoir help manage system temperature for consistent performance even in tough conditions. This unit is available with a tire or track option.

  • Ease of Maintenance - Maintenance is more convenient because of easy access to parts including hydraulic hoses, hard lines, and fuse box. The plastic fuel tank reduces the possibility of condensation and corrosion, and the cover over the fan protects it from any direct power washing.
  • Exclusive VZ Steering - This intuitive system allows the operator to guide the machine in the intended direction of travel with minimal efforts. It eliminates the need for additional levers and steering wheels to the machine, simplifying the overall operation. VZ steering provides additional leverage on difficult or uneven terrain.
  • High Torque Digging - To increase digging performance, this unit offers more torque than lower-powered models.
  • Narrow Width - Because of this unit’s narrow width, it is able to access small and confined spaces including easily operating through typical backyard gates.
  • Terrain Versatility - This unit is able to work through a variety of ground conditions and uneven terrain due to the options of tires or tracks. With the elimination of the tail wheel on a track machine, it provides improved balance when operating in tough areas on the job site.
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