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The Vermeer PTX lineup just got more versatile — the PTX42 walk-beside plow/trencher joins the PTX40 and PTX44 as another option for installing fibre optic, electrical, gas, water and irrigation services for underground utility contractors, municipalities and landscaping professionals. The PTX42 offers walk-beside, pivoting hand controls, allowing operation from either side of the machine to help enable operators with precise handling. With a variety of versatile attachments, three traction options and other recognisable, reliable features included across the PTX lineup, the PTX42 is designed to give operators more options and help maximize productivity for plowing and trenching applications. Vermeer has you covered with utility versatility!

  • Hands-on control - Rotate the hand controls to either side for more convenient operation and to manoeuvre around potential obstacles or congested spaces on a job site. These controls help minimise operator reach and maintain operator comfort.
  • Convenient service - Perform routine maintenance, and service the machine with convenient access to service points without removing the hood shielding.
  • Designed to move - The frame design offers manoeuvrability in tight spaces and excellent performance on uneven terrain.
  • Attachments for the job - Select the right attachment for your PTX42 based on the needs of your operation and job site.
  • Set your speed - Help optimise performance on longer distance installations and enhance productivity, whether trenching or plowing.
  • Maximise productivity - The PTX42 is designed for applications where a walk-beside machine would be most well suited, such as irrigation and utility installations in narrow spaces.
  • Handling the job - Electronic controls allow the operator to have precise handling and control of machine operation to assist with accurate installation of utilities.
  • Stay on track - The PTX42 has a three tyre options and a track option to fit contractors’ individual needs in various ground conditions, allowing them to select the one most suited for their job sites.
  • Strong support - The durable axles on the PTX42 provide strong support and help allow the machine to withstand heavy loads and large jobs.
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