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How to Winterise Your Vermeer Utility Tractor

As winter approaches, it’s essential that your Vermeer utility tractor is ready for the colder temperatures and harsher conditions. An effective winterisation process will help you save on both costs and time when it comes to operating your utility tractor over the winter months, or pulling it out of storage in the new year.

Take a look at our top tips for successful utility tractor winterisation below:

Clean your Vermeer utility tractor  

Keeping all equipment clean is important, but it is especially useful to ensure your utility tractor is squeaky clean and free from dirt or debris if storing it over winter. The colder months are a breeding ground for damp, so any dirt which may be lodged or stuck in your utility tractor can cause damage if not dried properly.

Painting the bodywork of your utility tractor with enamel paint also helps prevent rust and cosmetic issues which can be exacerbated over winter, especially with the presence of gritting salts on site. Cosmetic issues may seem fairly minor, but if left untreated could lead to more extensive damage in the future.

Inspect your Vermeer utility tractor’s rubber equipment

Rubber can crack when the weather gets colder. Lower temperatures can cause rubber tyres go from ductile to brittle due to what is known as the ‘glass transition temperature’.

Check rubber hoses, tracks and tyres for cracks and replace them if you notice any significant signs of wear or damage.  Also ensure tyres are properly inflated (if applicable) so they can withstand the drop in pressure over the winter.

Use winter fuel for your Vermeer utility tractor

The colder weather can make your standard fuel unsuitable; one of the common problems faced with fuel in the winter is gelling. Using a specific winter fuel for your Vermeer utility tractor helps avoid gelling and these contain anti-gelling additives which prevent the fuel particles from solidifying. This means the fuel can reach the fuel lines and the filter more easily without clogging them up.

Please check that the oil you plan on using is suitable for your Vermeer utility tractor.

Use the right ratio of coolant in your Vermeer utility tractor

Maintaining your Vermeer utility tractor’s cooling system is important all year round, but is particularly important in the colder, winter months. It may be necessary to drain the coolant currently in the tractor and to then refill with an appropriate combination of coolant and water to help prevent damage caused by freezing over the winter.

Store your Vermeer utility tractor properly

It is important to consider the storage of your Vermeer utility tractor throughout winter. Keeping your tractor in a garage or warehouse is ideal as this will keep it protected from the elements and help make starting up easier.

A covered location with stable temperature is ideal, such as a heated garage or barn. Alternatively, covering the utility tractor with tarpaulin helps to protect it from the elements. Covering the utility tractor will help prevent it from rusting and makes starting the engine easier too.

If the tractor is not in use, then disconnect the battery and store it in a dry, cool location. You can also install a maintenance charger to prevent the utility tractor’s battery from draining if storing it for a long time.


With seasonal changes, your utility tractor can be left vulnerable to the drop in temperature and rise in moisture. It is essential to give your utility tractor the highest protection possible so it is in peak condition and ready and fit for use as soon as the weather warms up. 

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