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Top 5 Advantages of Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drills

Horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless drilling technique used for the construction of underground infrastructure, such as electrical cables and pipelines for water oil and gas (you can read more about it in our article here). It has a number of benefits compared to more traditional methods of drilling. Here at Vermeer we look at the top 5 advantages of Vermeer horizontal directional drills for your underground applications.

Cost of Vermeer HDDs

A primary benefit of Vermeer horizontal directional drills is that they are very cost effective. This is because there is no need to dig trenches for the project, which saves on labour costs. There is often no requirement for multiple machines, which further reduces construction project costs, as additional pieces of machinery will not need to be operated, maintained or stored.

Durability of Vermeer horizontal directional drills

Horizontal directional drills are very durable compared to more traditional excavation equipment. They are designed to have longer lifespans, which is necessary given the intensity of the work they perform.

Additionally, using Vermeer HDDs leads to the long-term durability of pipes installed. For instance, if a pipe is placed above ground it will be exposed to the elements, whereas installing it underground keeps the pipe covered and better protected.

Vermeer horizontal directional drills are environmentally friendly

Another key benefit of Vermeer’s horizontal directional drills is that they are less disruptive to the surrounding environment, and they minimise soil and habitat disturbance. Traditional drilling methods are more likely to displace extra earth, which could then disrupt local wildlife and ecosystems. Other vertical drilling methods can also lead to soil contamination which can have very harmful consequences on the environment.

Improved accessibility with Vermeer horizontal directional drills

Horizontal directional drilling can be particularly suitable if vertical entry is not practical, perhaps due to a complicated or curved shape, or if an area is difficult to access. For instance, larger pieces of machinery may be unable to access certain areas or may be unsuitable to use around rivers or lakes.

For example, the Vermeer D8X12 S3 Navigator HDD is perfect for tight spaces, offering the innovation and brawn of a large drill with a compact body and enhanced performance of a smaller HDD. 

Additionally, Vermeer horizontal directional drills are more versatile because they are able to drill through different types of material underground.

Vermeer HDDs are less disruptive

Overall horizontal directional drilling is a must less disruptive process when compare to traditional excavation procedures. Horizontal directional drilling is less disruptive to the environment as there is less digging required, meaning that landscaping will be better preserved. Additionally, it removes the potential need for extra services such as traffic management, which also would cause disruption to local communities.


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