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The Vermeer SC48TX stump cutter delivers high efficiency from engine to the stump grinding wheel through a 48-hp diesel engine with a direct drive system. This machine gives operators access to tight and challenging jobsites with a narrow footprint and low ground pressure to complete a variety of jobs. Plus, operators can add features like the remote control to help increase productivity.

  • Equipped with a 48-hp (36-kW) 1.7L CAT Tier 4 Final/Stage V diesel engine - The 48-hp (36-kW) diesel engine provides optimal fuel economy, durability and performance to efficiently cut stumps of all sizes. Backed by proven worldwide service and support to maximize productivity.


  • A beltless direct-drive system that delivers power from the engine to the cutter wheel through a pair of gearboxes connected by a driveshaft - This direct-drive system delivers the maximum amount of power to the cutter wheel and requires minimal maintenance.


  • The Vermeer cutting system features a patented design that solves several challenges associated with traditional cutting systems, including double-sided teeth, a V-profile, center core protection, minimized recirculation and ease of maintenance - The Vermeer cutting system is designed to maximize productivity on the jobsite.


  • Designed with low disturbance tracks, ideal for adverse ground conditions and minimal clean up on the jobsite - The tracks provide optimal traction in adverse ground conditions while minimizing turf disturbance.##


  • 54- inch (140 cm) chip blade for jobsite cleanup - The chip blade can efficiently move chips around the jobsite, reducing the need to manually relocate the chips. Blade dimensions and ground clearance are designed for easy access through narrow gates and travel on uneven terrain. The rounded lower edge of the blade is designed to help reduce turf damage.


  • The optional full-function remote control allows operation of the stump cutter without being at the operator's station - Allows for operation of machine without the need to stand directly next to the machine, which allows for increased visibility of the jobsite.


  • Tracks are able to retract to 35 in (89 cm) for accessing narrow jobsites and extend to 55 in (140 cm) while in operation - The retractable tracks allow operators to navigate the machine through narrow jobsite entrances.


  • SmartSweep control system introduces the next generation of cutter wheel sweep control technology by monitoring engine load and providing continuous feedback, resulting in a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate - This feature improves efficiency and productivity at the stump while helping to decrease wear and tear on the machine.


  • A locking pin secures the control station in one of three positions: stowed for transport, middle/intermediate or fully extended for operation - In narrow jobsite conditions which restrict full extension of the control station, the unit can be operated with the control station in the intermediate position.


  • The soft start clutch provides three different stages of acceleration - This allows for smoother engagement of the cutter wheel.


  • Operator Presence. Control handles for the boom swing, boom raise/lower are equipped with an operator presence handle design which provides capacitance-sensing capability. If the operator's hand(s) leave the control, the cutter wheel will disengage, come to a stop within seconds and the cutter wheel indicator light will go out. Cutter wheel can be re-engaged by actuating the cutter wheel drive switch regardless of engine rpm - This user-friendly operator presence system is intended to help protect the operator and enhance operator safety.


  • Cutting Dimensions. Straight-line cutting dimension of 67 in (170 cm), above grade cutting dimension of 28 in (71 cm) and below grade of 16 in (41 cm) - Provides class-leading cutting capabilities to allow operators to grind a variety of stumps.


  • Fuel Tank. The SC48TX has a 57-L fuel tank.
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